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The Prince Albert Aerials Gymnastics Club is a non-profit organization run by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and a devoted team of staff.  The club operates out of a fully equipped facility including 2 in-ground trampolines and foam pit.  We are continually motivated to improve and upgrade equipment as necessary and as funding allows.  We strive to make the gym a positive contributor to the youth in our community and a place for each student and parent to look forward to attending on a weekly basis.  You are welcome to bring any concerns or questions that you may have to our attention.  Your involvement and support is appreciated.


FUN - It should be obvious that if children do not enjoy a gymnastics class they will not continue voluntary participation in it.   We feel that you must first strive to make gymnastics fun in order to achieve our other two goals.

FITNESS - Since we are working in the physical and movement arenas, we place general physical and motor development as another objective.  Physical aspects like flexibility, strength, muscular power, endurance, and motor aspects such as balance, agility, and co-ordination, should show improvement in a gymnastics class.  If these aspects are concentrated on and are enhanced it will facilitate skill learning and allow for more rapid improvement in gymnastics skills.

FUNDAMENTALS -The third objective may appear, by being last, to be in the wrong order, but it must be remembered that only if children enjoy and continue participation (FUN) and only if they are in reasonable physical condition (FITNESS) will it be possible to teach them good basics (FUNDAMENTALS).

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Please make cheques payable to: PA Gymnastics Club 




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