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Active Start - Preschool Gymnastics Age 5 and under

Programs for age 5 & under are based on Gymnastics Canada's Active Start Program

Active Start classes use structured play – climbing, running, rolling, and jumping – in our coach-led classes to develop the ABCs of physical literacy: agility, balance, coordination, and speed. Kids have fun through creative play incorporating the use of imagination and develop social skills like sharing and taking turns, while preparing for a lifetime of physical activity.

Please refer to the following class information to help you know where to register your child. 

Baby-Bee Ages walking to 2-yrs (parent assisted)
As soon as your child is ready to walk they are ready for gymnastics!  Baby-Bee is a introduction to physical literacy through gymnastics where you and your child learn gymnastics and play together in variety of fun movement, music, and interactive activities.  Our main goal in this class is to have fun while exploring a wide variety of movement concepts and skill in a safe and positive learning environment.
Length: 30 min/Once per week
Tumble-Bug Age 2 & 3 (parent assisted)
This parent assisted class is structured to teach your little ones how to follow simple circuits and interact with other children in a sport setting.  Awareness & discovery will help your little one to discover how their bodies can relate to objects around them by going on, under, over, through & upside down. Perfect for energetic toddlers to get an early start on an active lifestyle and development of physical literacy.
Length: 45 min/Once per week
Tumble-Bear Age 3 & 4
This class is geared for an active and independent 3 & 4-year-olds who wants to to run, jump, hang, swing, balance, tumble and climb through challenging and fun circuits on all apparatus. Your child will be introduced to the fitness & fundamentals of gymnastics preparing them for more advanced skills, technique, and confidence through our planned circuits.
Length: 45 min/Once per week
Super-Bear Age 4 & 5
Designed for 4-year old’s who have participated in our T-Bear program for a couple of sessions already and 5-year old’s returning or new to gymnastics.  The focus for this class is on developing skills necessary to advance into the Recreational Can Gym Program.  There is a greater emphasis placed on correct technique, strength, balance & self-confidence in a fun, friendly & safe environment.
Length: 1 hour/once per week


All schedules are subject to changes based on registration and coaches

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