Step 1 - Book an assessment with the appropriate program coordinator

All athletes must be current members of Prince Albert Gymnastics in good standing.

To book an assessment please click on the link below

These assessments take about 10-20 minutes and will attempt to assess athletes in the areas of strength, flexibility, coordination, listening skills, bravery, and ability to take instruction and correction.

A non-refundable assessment fee of $20, will be payable in cash to your assessor at the start of your assessment.
Your assessment may take up to a week to process. Please be patient while we search for the best program for your athlete.

Step 2 - Attend a trial team placement
Athletes who are selected for team placement may be offered a trial period of between 1-2
weeks depending on the program. This is to ensure the placement is a good fit for the athlete,
and to assess the readiness of your athlete to participate in advanced programming.
Trial team placement fees are $75, payable to the office prior to beginning your trial

Step 3 - Welcome to the Prince Albert Gymnastics Competitive Team!
If your child is ready for competitive programming, you may be offered a spot on team.
Competitive gymnastics is a big commitment, please discuss whether it is a good fit for your child 
and family. You will receive an information package including your athlete’s invitation to programming, as well as any other important information within 1 week of your gymnast’s trial. 

Welcome to Prince Albert Gymnastics Club!

or Call us at 306-922-4812


Please make cheques payable to: PA Gymnastics Club 


If you want to renew or order new subscriptions why not do it using the P.A. Aerials online ID number is 3741048 as this campaign helps raise funds for supplies and equipment needed to operate all our programs to benefit the gymnasts.

Its simple just go to

Our ONLINE ID Number is 3741048.

for the rewards to go to the club. Make sure to enter the gymnasts name so that they are entered for any prize draws.

Click here for more detail

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Fall Session - Sept. 7 to Dec. 19, 2019

Winter Session - Jan. 4 to Apr. 4, 2020

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