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Entry into any of the pre-competitive / competitive programs is by invitation only after an assessment of an athlete has taken place.  If you are interested in having your child assessed for any of these programs you can contact our Program Director - Mike Amouri via email at  He can then arrange for one of his coaching staff to contact you to set up and assessment time.



 Women's Artistic Gymnastics is the most popular and well known to the public of the gymnastics disciplines.

 These gymnasts train to compete on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and the floor exercise.

 Women's Artistic Gymnastics is an incredibly challenging sport, demanding strength, power, flexibility, agility, courage, and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. When these elements are mastered, the performances appear almost effortless and are riveting to watch.



Junior Olympic Level 1 & 2 (Regional) Program A.jpg B.jpg 

 This program is designed for the beginner competitive gymnast. It is 2 levels comprised of compulsory routines and elements that are fundamentals of gymnastics on all four Women’s apparatus. Athletes in this program can be direct entry from the recreational program and can expect to train between 4 – 6 hours weekly.

  Junior Olympic Program Levels 3 – 7 (Provincial) Program B WAG.jpg           

 This program builds on the regional program in skill mastery and difficulty. Levels 3-5 are still compulsory based and levels 6-7 begin to see optional skills and choreography. Gymnasts at these levels compete at events all over SK and sometimes may get the opportunity to attend an out-of-province event. These gymnasts are also eligible to vie for a provincial championships. Training can be anywhere from 9 – 16 hours weekly. 

Junior Olympic Program Levels 8 – 10 (Excellence) Program A WAG.jpg 

 The girls in this program have shown skill mastery, dedication, work ethic, and physical ability to compete at the Western, National level or higher. Training is 16 hours minimum per week and can reach up to 22 + hours.


Our Mini’s program is for female gymnasts ages 4-5 years. It is twice weekly and focuses on developing the listening skills, gym etiquette, body awareness, and physical abilities needed for pre competitive gymnastics while still having a healthy amount of play involved.

 Developmental Program ((Pre-Team) Girls.jpg

 This program is an advanced option for selected athletes ages 6 – 8. It is Prince Albert Gymnastics Club’s fast track pre competitive program. Athletes in this program must be evaluated and selected by the Developmental Coordinator.

 The Pre-TEAM program is a 6 level program that gymnasts exit at different stages depending on their abilities or long term plan. Generally a gymnast involved in this program can expect to exit pre-competitive anywhere from JO level 3 – 7.   



 Men's Artistic Gymnastics is a sport that exemplifies strength and dynamic ability. Many of the participants in men's gymnastics experience the thrill of defying gravity, and performing skills that would seem impossible to the average individual.

 Gymnastics is immediately appealing to young boys as a great activity to channel energy and fearlessness. It is a sport that begins with the development of balance and strength and continues from this point to develop the complete range of physical demands that many other sports only partially develop. It is a balance of artistry with the raw force of strength, power, speed, agility and coordination.

 These gymnasts train and compete on six apparatus: Floor exercise, Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse and High Bar.

Pre Competitive Boys Pre-comp Boys.jpg

 These athletes are evaluated and selected by our Men’s Coach in consultation with the Head Coach. Gymnasts in this program range from ages 6 – 8 and focus on building strength in statics, flexibility, listening skills, and discipline. As boys will be boys there is also a guided play element to their training. These gymnasts can showcase at events in club or sometimes in Saskatoon and train approximately 4 hours a week. 

Provincial Men’s (Levels 1 – 5) MAG.jpg 

 Our Provincial Men’s gymnastics program caters to male gymnasts 9 and over who have mastered basic gymnastics elements and are now ready to compete among their peers in Saskatchewan. Levels 1 and 2 are compulsory in design and as you move into levels 3 and higher the gymnasts develop optional routines that play to their strengths. Male gymnasts at level 4 and 5 are eligible to trial for Western Canadian Championships. These athletes train 11 – 16 hours weekly.  Beyond these levels is the National Program.


  Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T ) TTG.jpg

 Trampoline is the newest Olympic sport out of all the gymnastics disciplines.  T&T showcases coordination, power and fearlessness. Gymnasts in this discipline can compete on: Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Power Tumbling & Double Mini Trampoline. This is a Co-Ed program.

Provincial & National Program

Our Provincial Trampoline program services male and female gymnasts ages 9 – 18 who compete in levels 1 – 4. Mobility through these levels is by nationally determined standards. Beyond these levels the gymnasts begin to train for competition on the Canadian scene.



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