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Entry into any of the inter-club / competitive programs is by invitation only after an assessment of an athlete has taken place.  If you are interested in having your child assessed for any of these programs you can contact our Prestyn via email at to 
arrange for assessment time.

 If you are accepted into one of these programs you will receive a handbook with more information regarding the program and your group.



Developmental Programming

Mini-Pre Age 4-6        
These gymnasts will work towards fundamental gymnastics skills necessary for success later on in their competitive gymnastics careers.
This group is for girls who are craving more of a challenge and more time in the gym, but aren’t quite old enough to compete yet.

Program Details
● 2 hour program (1 hour x2 practices/ week)
● 10 month program commitment (September-June)
● 2 In-house group showcases
● NO Competitions
● NO Mandatory Volunteering

 Gym-Mini Crickets Age 4-5

This NEW group is for young girls who would like to explore more advanced gymnastics concepts in a fun environment.
*Will open based on interest

Program Details
● 1 hour program (1 hour x 1 practice/week)
● Session program commitment(September-December & January-June)
● NO Competitions or showcases
● NO Mandatory Volunteering


Our NEW Xcel programming offers gymnasts individual flexibility to learn optional skills and routines at their own pace. The goal of Xcel is to provide a rewarding competitive gymnastics experience for athletes who have other commitments outside gymnastics. These gymnasts will have the opportunity to train and compete skills and routines that suit their strengths rather than competing compulsory content as is in the JO program.

Program Details
● Flexible scheduling!
● Choose your summer commitment!
● Less competitive Requirement!
● Fewer volunteer commitments!

 Senior ( 2006-2009)
● 4 x 2.5 hour practices offered/week
● Choose 2-4 practices to participate in this program
● 3 in-house events offered throughout the year, as well as events outside our gym club.
● These gymnasts will work towards JO Optional programming at their own pace.

Junior ( 2009-2012)
● 3 x 1.5 hour practices offered/week
● Choose 2-3 practices to participate in this program
● 3 in-house events offered throughout the year with potential for 1-2 events outside our club depending on interest.



Program Details   

The Junior Olympic Program is a nation-wide program that was developed with the belief that all gymnasts must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance within the sport. It is a 10-level program that consists of 3 main tiers:
Developmental, Compulsory and Optional.

Developmental ( Levels 1&2)
Gymnasts compete standardized routines on 4 events.
● Athletes typically train 5-8 hours/ week over multiple practices, as well as summer training (11 month commitment)
● Athletes will attend multiple events throughout the province, and will work towards acquiring competition experience
as well developing compulsory and optional level skills for higher level competition.

Compulsory ( Levels 3-5)
● Gymnasts compete standardized routines on all 4 events.
● Athletes typically train 8-12 hours/ week over multiple practices, as well as summer training (11 month commitment)
● Athletes will attend multiple events in-house and throughout the province, and will work towards qualifying for Provincial Championships.

Optional ( Levels 6-10)
● Gymnasts compete their own routines on 4 events. All athletes wishing to compete at this level must have success at the Xcel Senior or Compulsory levels first.
● Athletes Typically train 12+ hours/ week over multiple practices, as well as summer training (11 month commitment)
● Athletes will attend multiple events throughout the province, as well as an out-of-province competition in order to prepare for their “peak meet”
● Some athletes in JO 8+ will work towards trialing for Provincial teams to attend Western Canadians or National Championships.  



 Men's Artistic Gymnastics is a sport that exemplifies strength and dynamic ability. Many of the participants in men's gymnastics experience the thrill of defying gravity, and performing skills that would seem impossible to the average individual.

 Gymnastics is immediately appealing to young boys as a great activity to channel energy and fearlessness. It is a sport that begins with the development of balance and strength and continues from this point to develop the complete range of physical demands that many other sports only partially develop. It is a balance of artistry with the raw force of strength, power, speed, agility and coordination.

 These gymnasts train and compete on six apparatus: Floor exercise, Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse and High Bar.

Pre Competitive Boys 

 These athletes are evaluated and selected by our Men’s Coach in consultation with the Head Coach. Gymnasts in this program range from ages 6 – 8 and focus on building strength in statics, flexibility, listening skills, and discipline. As boys will be boys there is also a guided play element to their training. These gymnasts can showcase at events in club or sometimes in Saskatoon and train approximately 4 hours a week. 

Provincial Men’s (Levels 1 – 5)

 Our Provincial Men’s gymnastics program caters to male gymnasts 9 and over who have mastered basic gymnastics elements and are now ready to compete among their peers in Saskatchewan. Levels 1 and 2 are compulsory in design and as you move into levels 3 and higher the gymnasts develop optional routines that play to their strengths. Male gymnasts at level 4 and 5 are eligible to trial for Western Canadian Championships. These athletes train 11 – 16 hours weekly.  Beyond these levels is the National Program.


  Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T )

 Trampoline is the newest Olympic sport out of all the gymnastics disciplines.  T&T showcases coordination, power and fearlessness. Gymnasts in this discipline can compete on: Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Power Tumbling & Double Mini Trampoline. This is a Co-Ed program.

Provincial & National Program

Our Provincial Trampoline program services male and female gymnasts ages 9 – 18 who compete in levels 1 – 4. Mobility through these levels is by nationally determined standards. Beyond these levels the gymnasts begin to train for competition on the Canadian scene.




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