Date: September 6, 2017Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location:  PA Gym Club

Mandatory meeting for Competitive & Pre-competitive PARENTS (no gymnasts at this meeting) in the Women`s. Men`s and Trampoline & Tumbling programs.  General information will be provided as well as `Family Commitment`information on volunteering hours. 

Meetings will be schedule for each group at a later date with their coach for other information pertaining to the program itself and events, competitions, important dates.

Welcome to Prince Albert Gymnastics Club!

Call us at 306-922-4812

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Please make cheques payable to: PA Gymnastics Club (exactly as is)


If you want to renew or order new subscriptions why not do it using the P.A. Aerials online ID number is 3741048 as this campaign helps raise funds for supplies and equipment needed to operate all our programs to benefit the gymnasts.

Its simple just go to

Our ONLINE ID Number is 3741048.

for the rewards to go to the club. Make sure to enter the gymnasts name so that they are entered for any prize draws.

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