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Name: Michael Amouri

 Years of Experience: 22 years coaching & 14 years athlete

Certification Level: Women’s Level 3, Men’s Level 2, Trampoline Level 2

 Favourite Event: Vault & Floor

Favourite Gymnastics Memory: Coming from nowhere to win the coveted Overall Team Award at the 2011 Saskatchewan Championships. This award represented so many things to me… the solidifying of PA as a gymnastics force to be reckoned with in SK, the validation of the countless hours in the gym, and the realization of my dream to create a club that can experience excellence at all levels – not just national.

Programs Coaches: Women’s Artistic Western & National



Name: Prestyn Sogge

 Years of Experience: 6 years coaching, 7 years athlete

Certification Level: Women’s Level 2, Trampoline Level 2, Trained Active Start 

 Favourite Event: Bars and Beam

Favourite Gymnastics Memory: Being in the first crop of competitive athletes from a (then) rec-only club to make a Gym Sask Westerns team. I travelled to the Yukon to compete for the Team Sask at 2004 Westerns in Whitehorse. It was my first travel experience, and instilled in me my love of travel and desire to continue in the sport. I can't wait to lead my own athletes to experience amazing opportunities in their gymnastics careers!

Programs Coaches: Women’s Artistic Compulsory and Developmental



    Name: Dana Reynolds

Years of Experience: 20 years coaching & 13 years athlete

Certification Level: Women’s Level 2, Trampoline Level 1

Favourite Event: Beam & Floor

Favourite Gymnastics Memory: Judging Japan's Olympic team on floor at a competition in North Vancouver.

Programs Coached: Women’s Artistic Pre Competitive



Name: Gabriella Antaya


     Name: Hayden Gratias

Years of Experience: 14 years athlete

Certification Level: Women’s Level 1

Favourite Event: Vault & Floor

Favourite Gymnastics Memory: I love all my memories from being a gymnast and being in that gym basically 24/7 with my second family. We had so many crazy times and so many laughs but my favourite acomplishment was probably making National Championships for my first time. I hadn’t really expected to make it but that was definitely my goal for that year. Unfortunately my coach could not come with me but I knew I had a great deal of support from him, and everyone back home. Even if the competition was just an ‘experience’ I had so much fun!!

Programs Coaches: Mini Pre-Competitive, Developmental B group




  Name: Bryce Elliott



    Name: Kara Thorpe

 Years of Experience: 21 years coaching

 Certification Level: Trampoline Level 2, Women’s Level 2, Men’s Level 2, Active Start and Foundations Learning Facilitator, Rhythmic Level 1, Special Olympics Community Sport

Favourite Event: Trampoline 

Favourite Gymnastics Memory: Walking through the tunnel at the World Gymnestrada with 4 athletes from Prince Albert. To be part of the 700-member Canadian contingent an event where 19,000 participants from 55 countries gathered to showcase their love of gymnastics will never been forgotten. It is about the journey and to see athletes develop from recreational athletes to team trials to walking in the international stage is a moment like none other.

Programs Coaches: Trampoline Gymnastics Recreational to National, Youth at Risk and Special Interest Programs, Special Olympics Program Coordinator



   Name: Brent Ertman

 Years of Experience: 9 years as an athlete, 3 as a coach

 Certification Level: Trampoline level 2, Artistic Foundations level 1, Active Start

 Favourite Event: Tumbling/Floor

 Favourite Gymnastics Memory: Winning silver at Nationals, traveling as a part of team Canada to Helsinki, Finland for World Gymnaestrada and watching my young athletes progress and succeed as i did when I was their age.

 Programs Coaches: Competitive and Recreational T&T (Trampoline and Tumbling)






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